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Keanes SuperValu MFC Austin Stacks 1-14 Feale Rangers 2 -7 2015-07-08 11:10:00

Austin Stacks 1-14 Feale Rangers 2 -7

Even though four points was the winning margin Stacks always looked the likely winners of this first round Co. Minor Football Championship game played in ideal conditions at Connolly Park.

They had the opening three points of the game and led by five at half time (0-8 to 0-3).
With ten minutes remaining they had increased that lead to ten points (1-12 to 0-5) with the help of a 41st minute goal by Louis Ryle. But in the space of 30 seconds they were pegged back to a four points lead after Rangers goaled twice. A quickly taken free by Sam Tarrant found Kerry Minor Bryan Sweeney and he lashed low to the net. Then the Rock's kick-out was intercepted by the alert Colin Enright and he made no mistake from close range.
That four points was still the margin at the end, as both sides scored two points each between then and the final whistle.

Stacks Kerry Minor, Jack Morgan had a fine game at full back coming up field to score a point as he did for Kerry last Sunday. Team captain, Colin Griffin was also impressive at centre back. Philip Quilter and Jack O'Shea (until he was black carded just before half time) were in command at centre field and up front Louis Ryle, Calvin Foley and Ferdia O'Brien impressed, as did Michael Linnane coming on as a second half substitute.

Rangers were best served by Niall Collins at full back. Bryan Sweeney did well at centre field and up front Colin Enright, Cathal Kennelly and Sam Tarrant excelled.


Austin Stacks: Calvin Foley (0-5 - 3 frees); Louis Ryle (1-1); Ferdia O'Brien (0-3); Seán Dukes (0-2); Jack Morgan (0-1); Colin Griffin (0-1 free); Pádraig Looney (0-1).
Feale Rangers: Colin Enright (1-1); Bryan Sweeney (1-0); Sam Tarrant (0-3 frees); Niall Collins (0-1); Cathal Kennelly (0-1); Colin Sheehy (0-1).