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SCÓR NA bPÁISTÍ Semi Finals this weekend 2015-03-05 21:18:00

NOTE SCÓR NA bPÁISTÍ STARTING TIMES! (i) The Scór na bPáistí South Kerry semi-finals will commence at 4pm on Saturday (7th March) ar an bhFaill Mhór. Good luck to all performers. (ii) Best wishes also to all Scór na bPáistí performers who’ll be hitting the high road for Knocknagoshel on Sunday next (8th). Events will begin in ‘Mount Cashel’ at 3pm! (iii) Of course, the QUIZ will not take place until the county finals which will be held on Sunday 22nd March (3.30pm) in Óstán Ghleann an Iolair (Gleneagle) i gCill Airne.

SENIOR SCÓR: (i) The Munster semi-finals will be held on Saturday 21st March (6.30pm) in Cappamore, Co. Limerick, where the Kerry, Limerick and Clare champions will be seeking places in the Munster finals. Best wishes to The Kingdom’s representatives. (ii) The Munster finals will take place in Ovens, Co. Cork, on 28th March (6.30pm). (iii) The All-Ireland finals of Scór na Sinsear will take place in Citywest Hotel (N7) on 25th April. An Ríocht go deo!