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Football Coaching Workshops 2015-02-03 15:07:00

Kerry Coaching and Games are organizing a number of practical Football Workshops for Coaching beginning in February 2015.

The workshops will concentrate on what areas are important to develop in players at specific age groups and demonstrate Games and drills to illustrate how coaches can improve their players. As players go through development phases there are certain stages where it is crucial that they are introduced to the correct movement and skill development techniques. These practical workshops over the coming weeks will demonstrate at what stages to introduce players to different areas of development.

There will be 3 workshops in total with each session concentrating on a different age group. It is important that at least 1 coach from each of the age groups in your club gets the opportunity to attend one of these workshops. If coaches are working across a number of age they are welcome to attend as many of the workshops as they want.

The first session on February 10th is aimed at coaches with teams from U 14 to Minor.

Workshop 1 - U 14 to Minor Coaches

Tuesday February 10th @ 6.45pm in John Mtchels GAA Grounds Tralee

The following are the Provisional Dates for the other two workshops and these will be confirmed.

Workshop 2 - U 6 and U 8 Coaches

February 17th or 24th @ 6.45pm in John Mitchels GAA Grounds Tralee

Workshop 3 U 10 and U 12 Coaches

March 2nd @ 6.45pm in John Mitchels GAA Grounds Tralee