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Jack O'Connor Coaching Session 2014-12-03 19:13:00

Jack O'Connor will deliver his second Coaching session to a Kerry Development Squad U 17 team on Saturday 6th December at 10.45am in John Mitchels G.A.A Grounds Tralee. This is an open session and will be used as a workshop for club coaches to come along, observe the session, take notes and interact with the minor management.

This is a part of a series of sessions that Jack plans to do for the benefit and club coaches with each session offering something different and a progression from the previous session.

Jack did a session with the same group on Nov 22nd and this session on December 6th will be a follow on from that with a new variety of games and drills. Coaches that were not at the first sessions are encouraged and welcome to attend this session as well as those that were in attendance the first day.

The session is aimed at club coaches involved with teams from U 14 to Minor and all of these coaches in your club are encouraged to attend.

Jack will deliver a practical session and interact with the coaches present which will create a massive learning environment.