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Kerry Scór na bPáistí Rules 2014-03-18 15:43:00

Scór na bPáistí

The rules for Kerry Scór na bPáistí were formally put forward for ratification at the County Committee meeting dated 17/2/2014 with the following explanation: 

The majority of the rules are the same for Scór Sinsir and Scór na nÓg. The following are the proposed changes only applying to scor na bPáistí.

​- The set danced must be a Kerry Set (why? to protect the tradition of Kerry Sets)
- The table quiz will consist of 50 questions (100 questions is too many for u12s) The table quiz will have divisional winners (if all teams progressed to the county final, the number of teams would be far too big)
- The GAA questions will only go back 5 years (more appropriate for this age group)

All other rules as per the official rule book.