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Keanes Supervalu Minor Football Leagues 2014 2014-02-15 10:35:00

The 1st round of the Keanes Supervalu Killorglin Minor County Football League has been put back by one week from February 22nd to Saturday March 1st. This is due to the Corn Uí Mhuirí semi final being re-fixed for February 22nd and up to 10 Kerry Clubs being involved in same. In the event of 2 teams who are not involved in the colleges fixture and wanting to retain the original date, this can be arranged by contacting Coaching Officer Eamonn Whelan.
Round 2 will still go ahead on Saturday March 8th. The exception to this being the Clubs involved in the Corn Uí Mhuirí final on that weekend. These games will be re-fixed for Saturday March 22nd unless both Clubs have an agreed date prior to this.

Division 1

Round 1 (1st March)
Austin Stacks v Daingean Uí Chúis 
Spa Killarney v An Ghaeltacht
Dr. Crokes v Kerins O`Rahilly's 

Round 2 (8th March) 
Kerins O`Rahilly's v Daingean Uí Chúis
An Ghaeltacht v Austin Stacks 
Spa Killarney v Dr. Crokes 

Round 3 (15th March)

Kerins O`Rahilly's v Spa Killarney 
Daingean Uí Chúis v An Ghaeltacht 
Dr. Crokes v Austin Stacks 

Round 4 (4th April)
Kerins O`Rahilly's v An Ghaeltacht 
Spa Killarney v Austin Stacks 
Dr. Crokes v Daingean Uí Chúis 

Round 5 (18th April)
An Ghaeltacht v Dr. Crokes 
Austin Stacks v Kerins O`Rahilly's
Daingean Uí Chúis v Spa Killarney 

Division 2

Round 1 (1st March)
Killarney Legion GAA v Milltown/Castlemaine 
Churchill v Firies 
Ballydonoghue v John Mitchel's

Round 2 (8th March)

Milltown/Castlemaine v Ballydonoghue
John Mitchel's/ v Churchill 
Firies v Killarney Legion 

Round 3 (15th March)
Churchill v Ballydonoghue
John Mitchel's v Killarney Legion
Firies v Milltown/Castlemaine 

Round 4 (4th April)
Milltown/Castlemaine v John Mitchel's 
Killarney Legion v Churchill
Ballydonoghue v Firies 

Round 5 (18th April)

John Mitchel's v Firies 
Churchill v Milltown/Castlemaine 
Ballydonoghue v Killarney Legion 

Division 3A

Round 1 (1st March)

Renard - St. Mary's v Kilcummin
Keel/Listry v Rathmore
Kenmare/Kilgarvan v Gneeveguilla 

Round 2 (8th March)

Kilcummin v Kenmare/Kilgarvan 
Gneeveguilla v Keel/Listry 
Rathmore v Renard - St. Mary's 

Round 3 (15th March)
Keel/Listry v Kenmare/Kilgarvan
Gneeveguilla v Renard - St. Mary's 
Rathmore v Kilcummin 

Round 4 (4th April)
Kilcummin v Gneeveguilla
Renard - St. Mary's v Keel/Listry 
Kenmare/Kilgarvan v Rathmore 

Round 5 (18th April)

Gneeveguilla v Rathmore
Keel/Listry v Kilcummin
Renard - St. Mary's v Kenmare/Kilgarvan 

Division 3B (15-13 aside)

Round 1 (1st March)
Templenoe/Tuosist v Annascaul/Lispole
Beaufort v Castleisland Desmonds
Listowel Emmets v Laune Rangers

Round 2 (8th March)
Laune Rangers v Templenoe/Tuosist
Castleisland Desmonds v Listowel Emmets
Annascaul/Lispole v Beaufort 

Round 3 (15th March)
Castleisland Desmonds v Annascaul/Lispole
Beaufort v Laune Rangers
Listowel Emmets v Templenoe/Tuosist 

Round 4 (4th April)
Templenoe/Tuosist v Beaufort
Laune Rangers v Castleisland Desmonds
Annascaul/Lispole v Listowel Emmets 

Round 5 (18th April)

Beaufort v Listowel Emmets
Castleisland Desmonds v Templenoe/Tuosist
Annascaul/Lispole v Laune Rangers 

Division 4 (15-13 aside)

Round 1 (1st March)
Fossa v Moyvane/Tarbert
Ballymacelligott v Currow
Ardfert v Na Gaeil 

Round 2 (8th March)
Moyvane/Tarbert v Ardfert 
Na Gaeil v Ballymacelligott
Currow v Fossa 

Round 3 (15th March)
Ballymacelligott v Ardfert 
Na Gaeil v Fossa 
Currow v Moyvane/Tarbert 

Round 4 (4th April)
Moyvane/Tarbert v Na Gaeil
Fossa v Ballymacelligott
Ardfert v Currow 

Round 5 (18th April)
Na Gaeil v Currow
Ballymacelligott v Moyvane/Tarbert 
Ardfert v Fossa 

Division 5 (13 aside)

Round 1 (1st March)
Brosna/Knock v st Senan's
St Pats Blennerville v Glenflesk

Round 2 (8th March)
Glenflesk v Brosna/Knock
St Senan's v St Pats Blennerville

Round 3 (15th March)
St Senan's v Glenflesk
St Patricks Blennerville v Brosna/Knock

Division 6A (13-11 aside)

Round 1 (1st March)
St Michael's-Foilmore v Cromane
Waterville/Dromid v BYE 
Skellig Rangers/Valentia v Glenbeigh-Glencar 

Round 2 (8th March)
Glenbeigh-Glencar v BYE 
Waterville/Dromid v St Michael's-Foilmore
Cromane v Skellig Rangers/Valentia 

Round 3 (15th March)
St Michael's-Foilmore v BYE 
Glenbeigh-Glencar v Cromane
Skellig Rangers/Valentia v Waterville/Dromid 

Round 4 (4th April)
Cromane v BYE
Waterville/Dromid v Glenbeigh-Glencar 
St Michael's-Foilmore v Skellig Rangers/Valentia 

Round 5 (18th April)

Skellig Rangers/Valentia v BYE 
Glenbeigh-Glencar v St Michael's-Foilmore
Cromane v Waterville/Dromid 

Division 6B (13-11 aside)

Round 1 (1st March)
Castlegregory v BYE 
Asdee/Ballylongford v Cordal/Scartaglin
Ballyduff v Beale 

Round 2 (8th March)

Cordal/Scartaglin v BYE 
Beale v Asdee/Ballylongford 
Ballyduff v Castlegregory 

Round 3 (15th March)
Asdee/Ballylongford v BYE
Cordal/Scartaglin v Ballyduff
Castlegregory v Beale 

Round 4 (4th April)

Ballyduff v BYE 
Beale v Cordal/Scartaglin
Castlegregory v Asdee/Ballylongford 

Round 5 (18th April)
Beale v BYE 
Asdee/Ballylongford v Ballyduff 
Cordal/Scartaglin v Castlegregory