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SENIOR CO. LEAGUE DIVISION 4 - ROUND 5 - 10/6/2017 2017-07-14 19:48:00

Renard 1-17    Beale 1-11.

Renard played at home against Beale on Saturday in dry weather with a prevailing cross field wind.  The opening score was a point from play by Eoin O Neill, followed by a point by Conor O Leary.  Cormac Linnane Beale scored a point, Mark Sugrue Renard got a point from free and Paudie Casey a point from play.  First quarter score Renard 0-04.Beale 0-01.  Cormac Linnane Beale got a point from free.   Daragh FitzGerald Renard and Tom Joy Beale exchanged points and Brian Sugrue Renard got a point from play.  Beale returned three points from play by Tom Joy, Jeremy King and Callum McSweeney to leave the half time score: Renard 0-6, Beale 0-6,

 On the resumption, Daragh FitzGerald and Robert Wharton Renard got points from play and Mark Sugrue a point from free.  Jeremy King Beale got a point from play  and further points came from Robert Wharton and Daragh FitzGerald Renard, before James McMahon and Cormac Linnane scored points for Beale.  At end of third quarter, Beale lost Shane Hanrahan due to a shoulder injury and James Culloty substitution was introduced.  Cormac Linnane Beale pointed from free, Renard pushed ahead with two points from Kevin Curran, three from Robert Wharton and a point from Eoghan McCrohan interspersed by a point by Cormac Linnane Beale.  Substitute David O Sullivan Renard and James Culloty Beale substitute exchanged goals in the dying minutes of the game followed by a point by Sean Connor Renard left to a final score: Renard 1-17 .Beale 1-11