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SENIOR CO. LEAGUE DIVISION 4 - ROUND 3 - 10/6/2017 2017-06-10 19:43:00

Lios Póil 1-07   Tarbert 1-05

In a match where both teams had to contend with a strong and tricky wind, Lios Póil managed a two point win and also two crucial league points. There were never more than two points between the sides all through the match and from the outset this was apparent. An opening point by Tarbert was immediately cancelled out by a Maitiú Seán Ó Grifín. Lios Póil was then made defend by Tarbert and were able to keep them to a solitary point over the next ten minutes.  It was at this stage that Lios Póil went on to kick three unanswered points, with Nollaig Ó hUigín among the scorers.  With five minutes left in the first half, Lios Póil led by two points only for Tarbert to score a goal.  This however proved to be temporary, as a goal by Deaclán Ó Súilleabháin ensured that Lios Póil led 1-04 to 1-03 at half time.

Playing with the aid of the wind in the second half, Tarbert weren’t long levelling the match. This was as good as it got for them, as they would only score another solitary score in the form of point for the remainder of the second half.  For the remainder of the second half, Lios Póil went to record a further three points, which left the final score Lios Póil 1-07 Tarbert 1-05.