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ST. MARYS 1-09 GLENBEIGH/GLENCAR 2-14 2017-07-10 22:05:00

St. Marys 1-09     Glenbeigh/Glencar  2-14

St Mary's hosted Glenbeigh/Glencar in Division 1 of the County League on Sunday.  Gavan O'Grady kicked the first score of the game in the fifth minute, while it took the home side ten minutes, before Anthony Cournane put a score on the board.  Denis Daly and Sean Cournane then both scored points of their own and the visitors replied with four points unanswered.  In the 18th minute, Gavan O'Grady hit the back of the net, but the goal was disallowed, for hopping the ball twice.   In the 23rd minute, Liam O'Connell scored a point from play, but Gavan O'Grady and Caolim Teahan ended the first half scoring 0-02 and 1-01 respectively.  The half-time score was 0-04 to 1-08 to the visitors.  Dan Daly opened the scoring for St Mary's, with Caolim Teahan and Kieran Courtney swiftly answering with a point a piece.  Sean Cournane scored a free, but Glenbeigh danger man, Gavan O'Grady, scored two frees in reply.  Kieran Courtney managed to net a second goal for the visitors and Sean Cournane's third free of the game seemed poor consolation for the home side. O'Grady and Courtney both pointed from play, and in the 26th minute, it appeared St Marys were trying to make a comeback, with two points from Denis Daly and a penalty from Sean Cournane.   However, it was too little too late.   Glenbeigh/Glencar came out on top in a full time score of 10-9 to 2-14.   Best for St Mary's were Brian Curran, Sean Cournane and Denis Daly.

St Mary's: M Daly, K Nolan, B Curran, I Casey, A Quirke, Daragh O'Sullivan, C Quirke, L O'Connell (0-01), D Daly (0-03), P Cournane, P O'Donoghue, C O'Shea, S Cournane (1-03, 3f), D Daly (0-01), A Cournane (0-01).  Subs: N Brennan for P Cournane,  M Quigley for A Quirke.

Glenbeigh/Glencar scorers:  Jack Brosnan (0-01), Caolim Teahan (1-03), Kieran Courtney    (1-02), Gavan O'Grady (00-7,4f), Jason McKenna (0-01)