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2016 Senior Football League Division 5   23/01/2016

2016 Senior Football League Div 5

Rathmore will be entering 'B' team in Div 5
Kilgarvan will not be competing in SFL
Games involving dual clubs that are clashing with dates for SHC will be allocated different dates by the CCC. Said dates will be included in Eolaire.

Rd 1 - Sun Mar 20

Ballyduff v Rathmore B

Cromane v Asdee

Duagh v Castlegregory

Cordal v Austin Stacks (B)

Sneem/Derrynane v Ballylongford

Knocknagoshel v Tuosist

Rd 2 - Sun Mar 27

Ballylongford v Austin Stacks (B)

Cordal v Cromane

Tuosist v Duagh

Asdee v Knocknagoshel

Castlegregory v Ballyduff

Rathmore B v Sneem/Derrynane

Rd 3 - Sun Apr 10

Duagh v Asdee

Knocknagoshel v Cromane

Ballylongford v Cordal

Ballyduff v Tuosist

Sneem/Derrynane v Castlegregory

Austin Stacks (B) v Rathmore B

Rd 4 - Sun June 5

Asdee v Ballyduff

Cordal v Knocknagoshel

Cromane v Duagh

Tuosist v Sneem/Derrynane

Castlegregory v Austin Stacks (B)

Rathmore B v Ballylongford

Rd 5 - Sun June 12

Duagh v Knocknagoshel

Ballyduff v Cromane

Cordal v Rathmore B

Austin Stacks (B) v Tuosist

Ballylongford v Castlegregory

Sneem/Derrynane v Asdee

Rd 6 - Sun June 19

Castlegregory v Rathmore B

Tuosist v Ballylongford

Asdee v Austin Stacks (B)

Duagh v Cordal

Knocknagoshel v Ballyduff

Cromane v Sneem/Derrynane

Rd 7 - Sat July 2

Ballyduff v Duagh

Castlegregory v Cordal

Austin Stacks (B) v Cromane

Ballylongford v Asdee

Rathmore B v Tuosist

Sneem/Derrynane v Knocknagoshel

Rd 8 - Sun July 17

Ballyduff v Cordal

Asdee v Rathmore B

Cromane v Ballylongford

Knocknagoshel v Austin Stacks (B)

Duagh v Sneem/Derrynane

Tuosist v Castlegregory

Rd 9 - Sun Jul 24

Austin Stacks (B) v Duagh

Sneem/Derrynane v Ballyduff

Castlegregory v Asdee

Cordal v Tuosist

Rathmore B v Cromane

Ballylongford v Knocknagoshel

Rd 10 - Sun Aug 14

Asdee v Tuosist

Duagh v Ballylongford

Ballyduff v Austin Stacks (B)

Sneem/Derrynane v Cordal

Knocknagoshel v Rathmore B

Cromane v Castlegregory

Rd 11 - Sun Sept 4 or Sun 25

Tuosist v Cromane

Ballylongford v Ballyduff

Austin Stacks (B) v Sneem/Derrynane

Rathmore B v Duagh

Castlegregory v Knocknagoshel

Cordal v Asdee