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All Ireland Under 17 Semi Final   29/07/2017

All Ireland Under 17 Semi Final

Kerry have been fixed to play their All Ireland Under 17 Football  Semi Final against Roscommon on Saturday 12th August in Ennis with a 2pm throw-in time.

The other semi final between Meath and Tyrone will take place in Breffini Park on Wednesday August 8th.

Extra time will apply in the event of a draw and if the teams are still level then a free taking competition will decide the outcome on the day as follows:

Each team will nominate 5 free takers for the competition and indicate to the referee in which order (1 to 5) the free takers will take the frees

The 5 players above must be chosen from players who have participated in the game, either in normal time or in one of the periods of Extra Time.  

Players who receive a red card in Hurling or Football, and players who receive a black card in Football, in normal time or any of the four periods of Extra Time are not permitted to participate in the free-taking competition.

The game is awarded to whichever team scores more of their 5 frees.

If still level then sudden death frees to be taken using the same 5 players in order (i.e. first sudden death free is taken by the player who took the first free for each side, 2nd sudden death free if required to be taken by the player who took the 2nd free and so on).

If a player scores in sudden death and his direct opponent misses, the game is awarded to the team of the player who has scored. 

The sudden death element will continue until such time as there is a definite outcome (i.e. returning to the first player(s) and repeating the sequence again if required)