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Alcohol and other drug problems have become more common in Ireland in recent years than many people would have thought possible just a short time ago. Most communities, whether urban or rural now find themselves having to deal with problems caused by the increased use of alcohol and other drugs and these problems often have knock-on effects for GAA clubs.

Rather than ignore this change in Irish society and say it has nothing to do with us, the GAA has put in place a comprehensive response to help keep our members safe from the negative effects of alcohol and other drugs.

The Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) Programme is a joint venture by the GAA and the Health Service Executive that aims to reduce the harm being caused by alcohol and other drugs. The ASAP Programme is primarily about the PREVENTION of alcohol and other drug problems taking hold in our clubs.

The aim of this section is to explain what the ASAP Programme is all about, why we need it in our clubs and how to implement it so that it works to maximum effect.

To view a summary of the ASAP programme, click on the following link:

GAA ASAP Programme